Itchy Skin Rash

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Occurrence of itchy skin rash is truly terrible. Itchy Skin Rash causes discomfort as well as insecurity especially if the rashes are very visible on the skin. Also, it is not very appealing in the eye. Thus if any person gets itchy skin rashes it is necessary to remove it as soon as possible.  Skin rashes can happen at different body parts like armpit rash is pretty common.

Itchy Skin Rash

Skin rashes itching are caused by different things and the understanding the cause of it will aid on how to get rid of it. Common causes of itchy skin rashes are bacteria, fungus, and virus Read the rest of this entry »

In Other News,

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Since Slumdogging has been given a break till the Oscar fever returns, Media and blogging now have pink. Apart from waging wars on terror, Pakistan and Australian cricket. Meanwhile, there is a discussion on the pages that no one who wears panties or pink reads. The CEC, being named Gopalaswami and preferring a darker shade, cannot not read the esteemed newspaper. The Editor-in-Chief, cannot not respond to the CEC’s pointed questions with a ramble that makes readers skip to Sudhish Kamath. Who, in turn, rejected theories that mating rituals in mammals were less predictable, citing his own example.

If one does manage to get to the Editor-in-Chief’s response to the second question, it turns out, his defense is that the CEC went ahead with his own assumptions and not The Hindu’s. Stunned by the stinging indifference to the esteem, quotes from the paper’s own assumptions have been provided as evidence to why the CEC’s assumptions based on his own previous assumptions cannot be assumed.

Enraged readers of the newspaper, have rightly been hurt by the sting to the esteem built over six decades of reading every printed word. The Reader’s Editor, meanwhile, was reported to have requested Google to help sort his email.

Skin Rashes Treatment During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the time where a woman’s body undergoes a lot of hormonal changes. These changes in their body often need special care and treatments. Most pregnant women often have to deal with itchy skin rashes, blemishes and acne during pregnancy. Sometimes, other may have visible changes in their skin color causing dark patches all over their faces. Skin rashes treatments during pregnancy are not often discussed, but they are very common especially for those women who are carrying a baby for the first time. The article will explain some of the best treatments of skin rashes during pregnancy.
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Respect the Vindhyas

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Mayawati was in Madras in few day’s ago.

She stayed at the Taj Connemara and caused a traffic jam on Mount Road. For which she can be forgiven. Then she addressed a rally. Claimed she would replicate the UP model in TN. And exhorted voters in Madras to be wary of the BJP and Congress.

Was she not supposed to be an astute politician?

India to fire Pranab, hire bloggers

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Pakistan today was stunned when India fired its boring Foreign Minister, Pranab Mukherjee. The country’s President, Prathiba Patil, will now swear in a team of idiot bloggers from 2003 to head the Ministry.

The Prime Minister’s Office, in a tweet, said India had more than adequate resources to meet self important morons of the Pakistani establishment. “We are fully prepared to defend ourselves from the dumbfuckery of the Pakis. In fact, not just that, we can annihilate them in this — a fitting reply to Mumbai will be when the Muslem motherfuckers blush” said the Prime Minister’s spokesperson, a new recruit herself. She also emphasized, their new Pak philosophy was simple: Words are spoken, not action.

Notes on a Monday

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  1. Shallowness has been Maanga’s founding principle. It was brilliant when the proponents were plotting an irrelevant coup at the back benches and were 18. It matured into an art form that unfailingly dismissed what has been — especially, that have been well. Ten years later, the founding member on one Sunday struggled to dismiss Orhan Pamuk with contempt despite having made himself familiar; only just. Life expectancy should be 27.
  2. C Ganapathy, the Tamil Nadu medium pacer, was at the gym this morning. Having finished a match against Railways only yesterday. When asked if he picked up any wickets after going wicket-less for a long time on Saturday, he replied saying he scored a half century.  A sad indictment of the state of affairs at Chepauk.
  3. Mayawati is coming to Madras! Someone in her strategy team must tell her a basic truth about Tamil Nadu: Language > Caste. Especially when those of a certain caste don’t understand what the leader is saying.
  4. A free color TV, flood relief, drought relief and farm loan waiver. There are lesser and lesser reasons to be indifferent to the idea of a nation state. It’s no longer about breaking even with Income Tax, it’s profit over and above.
  5. The annual rate of inflation will probably get close to 0% by summer; the annual growth rate still about 7% . Now, are the dumbfucks going to campaign for the Congress?


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I am in a phase where I think writing fiction is what the talented do; the reasonable read them. And, idiots write opinion pieces or analyses. While the silent majority tries to be funny; making it not so silent and hence a minority. Which explains why this blog is dead. Or, should be.

Or, why this Arnab person is truly funny.

On the bourgeoisie

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Luis Buñuel, more than anyone else, should have a retrospective in India. In two of his films, “The phantom of liberty” and “The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie”, he explores how the bourgeoisie keeps trying to the things that it is used to, like getting a meal at a nice restaurant, all the while being interrupted by the death of the restaurant owner, a private militia, some terrorist attacks. “Phantom of liberty” even has a man in a skyscraper shooting people at random, going to court, and being released without any charge to media glory.  As Buñuel said, there is nothing more surreal than a man with a gun, shooting people at random.

Or, we could have endless screenings of Godard´s weekend. When the bourgeoisie are being kidnapped by a bunch of cannibals, they scream, “This is horrifying”. One of their captors replies, “The horror of the bourgeoisie can only be met with more horror”.

Better yet, endless readings of Jean Baudrillard. If I remember right, he congratulated the 9/11 terrorists for releasing millions of enslaved office workers from their steel and glass sarcophagi.

Bad Reporting

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N Ram, at the HT Leadership Summit in 2007,

there is too much editorializing masquerading as news in the various Indian media

The Hindu’s front page report on Saturday, written by N Ram,

Mr. Gopalaswami is an able man with a great deal of administrative experience. He is well regarded in the services. But his suo motu act of adventurism, coming towards the end of his tenure as CEC, is constitutionally and democratically out of line. The Manmohan Singh government will no doubt give the CEC’s unasked opinion the quietus it deserves. But its effect will be to stir up political controversy over an institution that has done its job of conducting free, fair, and peaceful elections creditably during Mr. Gopalaswami’s tenure.

Asia Literary Review

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Ian Jack explained this blog yesterday. On how the gift of articulation and  having something original to articulate are two different things. That their intersection is quite often non-existent. And, worse, it’s not possible for someone to have something original after the first few articulations.[1]

Extended to its logical conclusion, nothing should have ever been written if writers were honest to themselves. Since vanity and honesty are competing virtues, the aberrations result in mutations that embarrass even the winning virtue. Amit Varma. [2]

The losing virtue though, ensures losers lose. And charm.

[1] — Ian Jack cited Philip Roth as an exception. I like Roth unlike she — but wonder if he qualifies. Though, reading American Pastoral and Everyman hardly makes one a Roth expert through the decades.

[2] — Which is probably why one prefers the honesty of a poorly written Muniyandi to the anxiety of purple prose.

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