February 2008

Amit, shut up.

True enough. But I can’t think of something scarier than Clinton repairing my carburetor, given what she did with healthcare in Bill’s first term. Would you let her near your car? Two questions: Have you ever lived in America for a reasonable length of time? Do you in some way work for the payer segment of the [...]

Puke of the Day

Actually, I could have put this post up yesterday, but the internet was acting funny. Every site I went to opened easily except my own. At one point, MadMan, who built this website and otherwise runs the universe, told me that perhaps the government has blocked it. We were running traceroutes and all. I looked [...]

Weekly avataram lecture,

Our Hedge Fund type boys always tell us, it’s much cheaper to have call girls on call than marry. And that, the best option is to lease one’s wife. I have now figured, what the real problem is. Our Hedge Fund type boys are also Mylapore type boys who get Engels spouting NGO type chicks [...]


Three consecutive years of drought (both South West and North East Monsoons failing) A deep recession in Amrikka. And hopefully, Europe too. IT spending brought down significantly Tax holidays for IT companies withdrawn Severe water scarcity in Madras High inflation and high interest rates in India Home loan defaults create a huge supply of housing [...]

Puke of the Day

LAST October Aishwarya Bachchan grappled with a tough choice. The Bollywood star could either stay in Los Angeles to pursue a lead role in Will Smith’s new film, “Seven Pounds,” or she could return home to Mumbai to celebrate Karva Chauth, a daylong ceremonial fast that some married Hindu women observe as a prayer for [...]