A bet.

An excited Aussie friend wanted to place a $300 bet with me against the visiting Indian cricket team’s series victory. Since I don’t care shit about cricket, I managed to provoke him to place the bet on tennis.

The deal is this. The fellow whose countryman reaches top ten in tennis first will lay claim to the $300. In the process, I was allowed to utter unspeakable insults on Australian sporting culture. That is $300 well spent.

I might even win this bet. Because, Inspite of hiring Tony Roche and releasing media bytes on how hard the twit is training for the Aussie Open, Lleyton Hewitt is down in the dumps and the other shining lights of Australian Tennis, Chris Guiccone and Peter Luczak, still have trouble breaking into the top 100. We haven’t decided yet on what happens in the most likely incident of neither of our countrymen reaching top 10 inside our lifetime.

Let me stretch this bravado further to invite similar bets on India vs USA. I say that an Indian will be inside the top 3 before an USAian, including the super serving dimwit too.

Or what if we change themaanga.com into a place where people can place mutual bets on everything under the sun? Under the watchful eyes and a 5% commission to Nilu, ofcourse.

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