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Did Amit Varma’s mother deserve such a poor obit?

Nilu, if you have to be an idiot, at least be a classy one.


– The Other Nilu

TON,  If you want to be considerate to the dead and show compassion for the living, good for you. Good for Varma’s mother and he, too. I am not playing that game.

– Nilu


This isn’t about being compassion, Amit Varma, MDMK or any other such rot. This is about class. It’s best acquired by knowing when to shut up. Sometimes about a specific issue, and sometimes altogether.


The Other Nilu

That was settled long ago. If you want class, go to school.

– Nilu

Dear Nilu,


The Other Nilu

Kekkamale sonnen. That only style.

– Nilu

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