Didn’t mean to hurt you Oscar!

I called you names, fool – I believe, and also a pea-shooter. Not that offensive, really.

But thank you for using your iPhone to read my post during your toilet break, and thank you for losing the match against Mathieu. See, it wasn’t that hard.

Believe me, you don’t deserve to win a second round match at a Grand Slam, much less at RG. Don’t let your supporters fool you. I know they call you ‘king’, but its actually an inside joke that neither Google nor Babel translator can help you with.

You are a disgrace to all one handed backhanders in the world. Well, not all, of course. Robredo is doing a good job getting himself off that list.

I know its too late to play futures, but whats wrong with challengers? I am sure a dozen shanks per set off the backhand can still get you to a tie break at that level. And then you can pea-shoot yourself to another loss.

I really don’t want to see you again on TV or on any live stream I am watching. I don’t mind having a game with you, but try not to hog the center courts at Grand Slams, please.

Again, I didn’t mean to hurt you Oscar. And thank you for reading themaanga.com.

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