Hoover Dam

President Huey Long today dedicated the Smith Dam to the nation. The dam, located 30 miles southeast from here, will bring to fruition the controversial Colorado River Compact signed in 1922. The project, after long delays that have outlived multiple Presidents, was named after the former President, Al Smith. Originally named Boulder Dam, President Long renamed the project in honor of President Smith. He declared that future generations will recall this era as the foundation of a truly egalitarian America.

The President also praised Al Smith as a symbol of the nation’s turn around from the malice of deregulating Republican maniacs.Invoking the second inaugural address of Abraham Lincoln, and reminding the nation that its only option is change, President Long requested those on America’s right to chage. He also warned, those who refuse to will perish. Meanwhile, there was a mild disruption during the event when a anti-populist tried to raise slogans. Secret Service agents quickly overpowered him and he was later tried for anti American activities.

I warned you.

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