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Since Slumdogging has been given a break till the Oscar fever returns, Media and blogging now have pink. Apart from waging wars on terror, Pakistan and Australian cricket. Meanwhile, there is a discussion on the pages that no one who wears panties or pink reads. The CEC, being named Gopalaswami and preferring a darker shade, cannot not read the esteemed newspaper. The Editor-in-Chief, cannot not respond to the CEC’s pointed questions with a ramble that makes readers skip to Sudhish Kamath. Who, in turn, rejected theories that mating rituals in mammals were less predictable, citing his own example.

If one does manage to get to the Editor-in-Chief’s response to the second question, it turns out, his defense is that the CEC went ahead with his own assumptions and not The Hindu’s. Stunned by the stinging indifference to the esteem, quotes from the paper’s own assumptions have been provided as evidence to why the CEC’s assumptions based on his own previous assumptions cannot be assumed.

Enraged readers of the newspaper, have rightly been hurt by the sting to the esteem built over six decades of reading every printed word. The Reader’s Editor, meanwhile, was reported to have requested Google to help sort his email.

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