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A correct and funny statement on India,

But India also benefits from what financial types might call the “democracy put”: its politics forestall the worst outcomes, even if they squander the best. India’s policymakers only seem able to reform under duress. They accomplish little during good times but have plenty of rabbits left in the hat when darker times loom. For example, India is still a lightly taxed country, and the proposed introduction of a nationwide tax on goods and services could add three percentage points to the taxman’s share of GDP. Likewise, the government still owns hundreds of enterprises. It may not have time to flog much of this patrimony before it goes to the polls. But it could prepare the ground for a sale soon after.

In the past few years, foreigners have enjoyed reciting the “India story”, the epic tale of a youthful nation throwing off its shackles to fulfil its destiny as an economic superpower. Indians enjoyed telling the story back to them, with justifiable pride and perhaps a little masala (ie, embellishment). That story is not all myth: in the past few years, India’s sustainable rate of growth has increased from less than 6% to somewhere close to 8%. But as recent events show, the India story often resembles a comedy as much as an epic. Its policymakers run around in circles, swapping partners and scandalising onlookers, but with luck pull it together at the end.

However, the comments are funnier, if not correct-er.

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