Introducing Natesa Bhagavathar

I am bored too. Except when I gamble.  Gambling is always an attractive option to blogging. Some people keep writing about Bastiat when they can spend that time gambling profitably. I don’t understand that at all. If you have prize money, gamble it!

Were I the Lucasian professor of mathematics, I would be very worried if I had to keep sucking Lucas´s thing. Imagine what would happen if I were the  Dayawantiben Professor of Mathematics in Baroda!  BEN….! I hope only Miss Universes, Miss  Worlds and Miss Asia-Pacifics feel that grateful for their titles.

Yudhishtra was the wisest of the pandavas because he loved gambling. How nice it would be to bet your wife and get a kingdom (and your wife back) in return? Either way, it would have been a win-win situation, as the management gurus call it. How unexciting would the Mahabharata be if no one gambled? Look at the Ramayana. So ho-hum. I mean, except Vali, no one seems to have had much fun.

My other Thatha was a great gambler. Many times, unless Karunanidhi met him on the way and gave him a salvai, he came back home only in his Kovanam. More about Natesa Bhagavathar in future posts.

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