Islamic terrorists explained

What a wonderful life it must be to be an Indian Mujahideen. You can live in a free, expanding society, wear nice clothes, eat at fine restaurants, and ogle Hindu girls.

 And, if one of those girls turns you down, you can just blow them all up.

The price of a matchbox has gone up from 50 paise to 100 paise. Previously, each box contained 60 sticks and, later, 50. Now it has only 40 sticks. So the price of each stick is 2.5 paise. Invariably a box contains 2 to 3 sticks less than the stipulated number or some of them are broken and unusable. On an average, the manufacturer makes about 5 paise extra for every matchbox. This is unfair. If 50,000 boxes are made per day, he gets an additional profit of Rs. 2,500. It is illegal. Will the authorities look into this matter?

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