Issueless Elections #1

Sajjad Lone contested in the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections from Baramulla-Kupwara. The idea, predictably, was hailed by the electronic media. Separatists contesting elections, we were told, is a sign of a maturing democracy; of which, everything apparently is.

In 1963, the Sixteenth Amendment of the Constitution was passed in Parliament. After the debacle of 1962, when China whooped India’s ass, the Congress government had decided that separatists were evil and their demands unpatriotic. CN Annadurai, in his inimitable style, argued that the Amendment was practically aimed at one person — namely him. And his demand for Dravida Nadu. The DMK was forced to drop the demand for a sovereign Dravida Nadu and has not raised it since for both practical and legal constraints.

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