James Blake sucks, Murray surprises.

James Blake does listen to commentators.

He takes their input seriously. So he thinks the mistake yesterday was when he put them all in practice in one match, when he should have just played his game.

And what is his game? Ball-Bashing, not tennis.

Now, I don’t detest ball bashing. Far from it. It feels great to have a ball machine on the opposite end and bash balls it throws at you.

But if you want to do that in a match, where you aren’t playing a probot, you shouldn’t even be in a post match conference blaming poor PMac for being outplayed by a smarter and better player.

Ernests Gulbis, who Blake admits played like a top 20er, actually played like a top 5er. Because he will soon be there or thereabouts when Blake picks his sorry ass and his stupid cry baby book out of ATP.

Meanwhile, Murray was declared the gay tennis icon in Britian. This result has had a cascading effect on French Open odds, with reports of Nadal suffering from a bout of depression over Federer being ahead of him in the poll.

With this context, one can understand what Nadal was spitting at for a long time during his second round match yesterday. I have had friends who have puked at being shown Murray’s picture, so Nadal’s spitting does come across as a rather acceptable alternative on a tennis court.

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