Manjunath Revisited

In the light of recent discussions, It is clear how Nilu should have reacted in the case of this death.

He should have waited a year and written a novel alleging an inappropriate relationship between Manjunath and the Petrol Bunk owner. The dipstick that Manjunath used to measure petrol adulteration could have acquired an entirely new meaning. Chandrahas would have written a  glowing review of it, Amardeep Singh of Sepia Mutiny would have called the novel very rewarding and Gaurav Sabnis would have defended it stoutly, saying it is an autonomous creation, which should be considered independently of the author´s vices.

When you want to make heroes out of your own dead, even after they havent done anything significant in life, it might help remembering not to defecate on the graves of other heroes.

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