Notes on a Monday

  1. Shallowness has been Maanga’s founding principle. It was brilliant when the proponents were plotting an irrelevant coup at the back benches and were 18. It matured into an art form that unfailingly dismissed what has been — especially, that have been well. Ten years later, the founding member on one Sunday struggled to dismiss Orhan Pamuk with contempt despite having made himself familiar; only just. Life expectancy should be 27.
  2. C Ganapathy, the Tamil Nadu medium pacer, was at the gym this morning. Having finished a match against Railways only yesterday. When asked if he picked up any wickets after going wicket-less for a long time on Saturday, he replied saying he scored a half century.  A sad indictment of the state of affairs at Chepauk.
  3. Mayawati is coming to Madras! Someone in her strategy team must tell her a basic truth about Tamil Nadu: Language > Caste. Especially when those of a certain caste don’t understand what the leader is saying.
  4. A free color TV, flood relief, drought relief and farm loan waiver. There are lesser and lesser reasons to be indifferent to the idea of a nation state. It’s no longer about breaking even with Income Tax, it’s profit over and above.
  5. The annual rate of inflation will probably get close to 0% by summer; the annual growth rate still about 7% . Now, are the dumbfucks going to campaign for the Congress?

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