On Reading

As I grow older, I find myself unable to read. Even a few years ago, a book a week, 52 books a year seemed within reach, and a library of a thousand books seemed to be a fine lifetime of reading. No longer. Two months have gone by in 08, and I havent read a thing. So, it is with some envy that I read about someone like Jacques Barzun, who has just turned 100, and appears to have read everything.

But is there anyone who writes consistently well anymore? Jonathan Franzen does, as does Jonathan Lethem, so I am stuck waiting for one of the Jonathans to write something. Meanwhile, I am stuck to re-reading Lethem´s piece on his personal influences.

Talking of writing, what is with all these new book deals in India? Only Amitav Ghosh  might pull himself over the poverty line with that advance. Shadow lines is the last good book he wrote, and that was 20 years ago. Pay peanuts, get monkeys etc.

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