On the bourgeoisie

Luis Buñuel, more than anyone else, should have a retrospective in India. In two of his films, “The phantom of liberty” and “The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie”, he explores how the bourgeoisie keeps trying to the things that it is used to, like getting a meal at a nice restaurant, all the while being interrupted by the death of the restaurant owner, a private militia, some terrorist attacks. “Phantom of liberty” even has a man in a skyscraper shooting people at random, going to court, and being released without any charge to media glory.  As Buñuel said, there is nothing more surreal than a man with a gun, shooting people at random.

Or, we could have endless screenings of Godard´s weekend. When the bourgeoisie are being kidnapped by a bunch of cannibals, they scream, “This is horrifying”. One of their captors replies, “The horror of the bourgeoisie can only be met with more horror”.

Better yet, endless readings of Jean Baudrillard. If I remember right, he congratulated the 9/11 terrorists for releasing millions of enslaved office workers from their steel and glass sarcophagi.

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