Oscar, you fool!

I agree you had a nice haircut, but after 10 years on tour, if you serve like you are shooting peas off someone’s back, it’s time for you to retire.

And what do I see you doing? Grinding down poor Mathieu for a two set lead. I ask, why?

I am aware that I have declared my undying support for Davydenko to lift the title this year, but you know that I haven’t given up on the French, especially the best ones. Mathieu, in this case, if you remember, was the only one who looked like beating Nadal last year here.

He can still turn the match around and lose in the fifth set, but why bother him so much when you could simply bet against yourself and earn ten times as much as you can if you win.

You are not as ugly as Davydenko is. You are uglier than him. They won’t touch you. Lose the match now, please.

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