Silence for sale

Firstly there is Dilip. Who starts as usual in the most cliched form of someone doing something and writes an essay at the end of which one is left wondering why it was written and worse, read. Then there is Nitin, who after every strike gives out platitudes that implicitly assume the nation state as concept is inviolable. Thankfully, there is also Anand Ramachandran. Who does not say much either but certainly does not leave the reader wondering why it was written.

Timothy Gowers may be an exceptionally gifted mathematician to a degree most of us cannot comprehend. Maybe he is not even one. Or, Bertrand Russell hangs as a cross across all British Mathematicians. Whatever the case, his Short Introduction to Mathematics probably will light the eyes of some young new age Aeronautical Engineer whose sweaty shirts will be hoarded.

Web 2.0’s problem was solved back then, was it not?

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