Superb Player.

Alberto Berasategui is one player that I can never forget. Although I was a kid who didn’t understand tennis points, I remember trying different ways to pronounce his name after watching him hitting inside out forehand shots with crazy angles. He was definitely my favourite player until I saw Kuerten play.

I am sure this guy would give Nadal a decent run for his money if he played today. His speciality, I learnt recently, was that he used a forehand grip that currently no one uses on tour. After trying the grip for a couple of sessions, my respect for this champion has increased. Its a pain to simply hold the racquet in that position, let alone hit it like he did. I wish I could recollect how his backhand looked, but all I remember were his inside out forehand shots.

I never saw him play after the French Open finals he lost to Bruguera but he introduced me to tennis, I guess. It seems he had a reasonably good career.

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