November 2007

Introducing Natesa Bhagavathar

I am bored too. Except when I gamble.  Gambling is always an attractive option to blogging. Some people keep writing about Bastiat when they can spend that time gambling profitably. I don’t understand that at all. If you have prize money, gamble it! Were I the Lucasian professor of mathematics, I would be very worried if I had to [...]


is the most boring tournament on the ATP tour. No wonder some players hate it so much. Roger Federer provides the only relief by turning up in ridiculous outfits designed to put off his opponents. While some Grand Slams have even embraced the Sunday start to the championships so the scheduling could be player friendly, [...]

It’s surprising

that Federer hasn’t won a French Open yet. Even more surprising than the fact that he won 5 Wimbledons. He lost to the Emperor, Kuerten, in 2004 when he had the best chance to win it.

Why DMK is incestuous

Yudhishtra liked gambling. Fine. Aren’t Nakulan and Sahadevan, sons of Ashwini Kumaras? And these Ashwini Kumaras were sons of Saranya and Surya? And isn’t Saranya also the mother of Yama and therefore, Yudhishtra’s grandmother[1] ? Now, consider Karnan, Yudhishtra, Nakulan and Sahadevan boys. Karnan’s dad was Surya. Yudhistra’s grandfather was Surya. Nakulan and Sahadevan’s grandfather was [...]

Test cricket should go.

Steve Waugh, according to, claims that Test cricket is like a classical chess game. Waugh must have played some pretty poor chess games, I think. When all the tactics that matter, i.e., pitch tampering, scheduling are decided even before the series starts, it doesn’t qualify even as a chess blitz game as far as [...]


I won the first street fight of my life. Some passerby said, I should be ashamed of myself for beating a woman. I won the first street fight of my life.


Long time reader suggests, the Jagadguru should write for this blog. I agree. I now invite the Maanga community to come up with strategies that will help us achieve the goal.

Richie’s exploits in English.

Who is the girl watching your match with your uncle? RICHARD GASQUET: Not my girl. I don’t know. Not my girl, for sure. No, no, no, I have just friends. Men friends, but I’m not gay.

Dear advertising type people,

The best slot is in AIR. During the live commentary of a Test match. The kind of people who tune in, are unlikely to listen to the other FM channels when they drive. Captive and what not.

Why Davis Cup sucks..

Tennis is an individual sport and the challenge of playing tennis professionally is to handle poor form, bad line calls, crowd’s antagonism and Hawkeye alone on the court. What Davis cup brings to this equation is rigged courts, heavily skewed support, a coach who can easily be mistaken for a survivor series captain and when [...]