November 2007

Why Davis Cup rocks..

It is common knowledge that there are two sides to every coin. The Davis’ coin is no exception. Players(most of them) obviously love playing and winning the Davis Cup. Which begs the question, why? And the reason is simple. Tennis players travel more than any other sportsmen and they do so alone with a coach [...]

Tennis officials don’t know anything about tennis – 1

The example closest to home is in the scheduling of Davis Cup matches, which though I loathe from the depths of my heart want India to win them all. Common tennis sense says that with someone like Rohan Bopanna in the team, a fast hardcourt in an elevated location, somewhere like Darjeeling or Shimla would [...]

Sampras’ 7 and Federer’s 5*

at Wimbledon should never be compared. Besides the fact that the game will be reduced to pampering the egos of two players, who will later waste precious time to get back to first base by declaring that the game is bigger than the player, it is equal to saying that the State’s topper in 2007 [...]

Federer, Gasquet and Economics -1

My understanding of Economics, particularly business, is based on first principles. That is, I make/back a product only if I can profit from selling it. Although I understand the statistical logic behind the success of new age businesses, I can never trust them to start my business, inspite of the billion dollar corporation called Google. [...]

When Tamil Chauvinism fails

One of the biggest claims of Tamil Nadu in terms of attracting investment into the state has been its status as a power surplus state. That, is no longer the case, Veerasamy attributed the shortfall to drop in power generation through windmills to the tune of 1,500 MW, non-availability of 500 MW from the central government’s [...]

Why people in a Pallavan bus refuse to tie your shoe-laces

The bottom-line is, umm, the bottom-line, The fact is that airlines, flying so close to full capacity today, have realized that they really don’t have to cater to economy passengers — most of whom are booking on price alone, and who increasingly have no real airline loyalty — because the cost of doing so would never [...]

About wisdom

Pithy one liners are good. Until, they are actually taken seriously. You see, the previous two sentences don’t even mean anything. Anyway, Shripriya writes, I’ve always believed that if you have an idea, there is bound to be someone else who’s also had a similar idea. So execution is nine tenths of the battle. I don’t [...]

Moms and boobs

Sowmya writes, Kids are going to grow up and hold a lot of things against you, why feed into that? Remember the times when your parents asked you to sing some song in front of the guests, but you wanted to go hide under the table? Now some of these mommy blogs are just that, but [...]

The best backhand slice.

It’s obvious that Gasquet possesses the most beautiful and reasonably effective backhand drive in tennis currently. But if there’s another shot that is more important than the drive to set up a point in a rally, it’s the slice. The best exponent of the backhand slice is - not Federer, as commentators i.e., ass lickers, [...]

Quote of the decade – in tennis

Comes from Tommy Haas, If you ask Jim Courier, I mean, that guy has his tongue up his (Federer’s) ass right after he beat Federer in an exhibition match in Kooyong running up to the Australian Open in 2006. Would’ve been nice if he actually won that superb fourth round match a week following that [...]