November 2007

Price of Rice & Jaya

The minimum support price for wheat, after the government’s disastrous management of wheat import, was raised to Rs 1000/quintal. Significantly, paddy’s MSP continues to be Rs 695. If ever there was an opportunity for opposition parties to wrest the political initiative in the Cauvery delta region, this is it. For some reason, Ko. Si Mani and the lingering presence of Moopanar have managed [...]

Aatha naan pass aayitten..

In what might be act of desperation to fill the blog with crap exceeding its predecessor’s standard, Nilu has invited his most ridiculed commenter and consistently delusional fan of Richard Gasquet (the most talented player of tennis to have ever walked this earth), Gasquet fan, as an author. That is, me. I am so happy [...]

Food for thought!

Just when you realise Martin Verkerk made the final of the most beautiful Grand Slam of all, the Roland Garros, with only his serve as his weapon does it strike you how much of a mug Sampras was.  And people compare him with Federer.

Khushwant Singh and Dhiren Bhagat

Reading Amit Varma´s post today, I suddenly remembered Khushwant Singh. The man loves his whiskey, women and meat just as Amit does. He would suddenly visit Pakistan on a whim and write about it. His columns were a hotchpotch of random writers he wanted to promote, articles he was recommended but that he never read and the column [...]


This man was on TV today. And said, direct taxes have outpaced and outgrown indirect taxes. Why are Amit Varma and his maid silent? In other news, the once ambitious travel plans for Siberia have been made affordable by a booming stock market. Or, wise fund managers. As the case may be. The bastard boy will be consulted [...]


There’s something about all retired players who were on top in their times. They get bloody nostalgic all the time. Sampras has this to say about Federer’s game. “I have the better serve and volleys, forehand’s probably the same, and he has a slightly better backhand. It would be interesting if we both played against [...]

Why Gandhi was half-naked

Over the years I have often asked my physicist colleagues why the laws of physics are what they are. The answers vary from “that’s not a scientific question” to “nobody knows.” The favorite reply is, “There is no reason they are what they are — they just are.” The idea that the laws exist reasonlessly [...]


The fourth author, who was actually the third, is refusing to write about Avataram’s grandfather. For reasons of respect to a departed soul. Further, the said fourth author has also suggested a new revenue model for this blog: Unlike other blogs that use Google Adsense, Maanga will get its revenue from couples who meet here and [...]