December 2007

Superb Player.

Alberto Berasategui is one player that I can never forget. Although I was a kid who didn’t understand tennis points, I remember trying different ways to pronounce his name after watching him hitting inside out forehand shots with crazy angles. He was definitely my favourite player until I saw Kuerten play. I am sure this [...]

Black Mass

Reading about John Gray, while listening to Black Mass by Alexander Scriabin, I realize that this is a dystopian blog directed at various utopias – Free market utopias, mommy utopias,  Federer utopia etc. Having realized this, I will now  commit seppuku.

A bet.

An excited Aussie friend wanted to place a $300 bet with me against the visiting Indian cricket team’s series victory. Since I don’t care shit about cricket, I managed to provoke him to place the bet on tennis. The deal is this. The fellow whose countryman reaches top ten in tennis first will lay claim [...]

On Taleb and Black Swans

Taleb´s function is to puke regularly on Wall Street. Maybe he puts his basic thesis best in a a paper titled “Bleed or Blow up”. If your portfolio is long options, it will bleed slowly because of the time decay, but would make lots of money once in a while. If it is short options, it will make steady money [...]

Dear Amit Varma,

Firstly, do not use this format. Secondly, when you put forward an argument to refute someone’s statement, refuting an alternate hypothesis is neither a necessary[1] nor a sufficient condition. If the intended result was humor, as you had probably anticipated, you were correct in assuming that the conditions are irrelevant. When the actual result is puke, things [...]

I hate pushers.

The club is full of people who have no feel for tennis. It’s like playing slow bowling in cricket, only you are not declared out if you hit the ball out of the ground.

Yearend Reviews

The best finance book I read this year was the first 248 pages of Alan Greenspan´s book. The worst book I read was the remaining pages of the same book. What was the need to pad it up? Nassim Taleb wrote a more nuanced book, The Black Swan, than his previous rant,“Fooled by Randomness”.  Either he has become [...]

Choking on puke

It’s somehow very sad when an adult decides to seek validation of one’s own life. Especially, when it is as stunning as this.