December 2007

Dear Shoefy,

I read this post. I have two questions. 1. Is this your way of trying to be clever? That poor grammer and typos were showed that one didn’t care about their work and there was nothing worse than that. 2. Isn’t that man still alive? Why the eulogy? Was it in a profession-is-life-sort-of clever way? One [...]

Must be the Tailor

“Intelligence sources confirmed that the LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran had sustained injuries in the air strikes carried out by four fighter aircraft of the Sri Lanka Air Force on a bunker complex in Jayanthinagar, Kilinochchi around 5.25 pm on November 26,” the defence ministry said. One also wonders, if Avataram will be the next target.

Tennis and Jagadguru

I watch tennis for 10 years and wonder what makes some players more successful than others. Now, tennis is a simple game. So there’s no way that one player can be miles ahead of the competition in terms of ability. Here’s when I let Jagadguru enlighten my soul with the simple truth that the playing [...]

Must be the hair loss

There used to be a time when I’d have liked this bit, Refreshing though it is to see punctuation at the center of a national debate, there could scarcely be a worse place to search for the framers’ original intent than their use of commas. In the 18th century, punctuation marks were as common as medicinal [...]

tip to a beginner’s backhand drive

One handed ofcourse. rest your knuckles (on your palm) on the top of the handle with your racquet face perpendicular to the ground. close your hand around the handle and hold it not too tight. swing the racquet when you see the ball approach you and hit the ball on the side of the racquet [...]

Biggest Underachiever

is a title that is closely contested. In my book though, Michael Stich manages to nudge David Nalbandian to second place. Perhaps if David improved his WTA serve and still didn’t win a grandslam, he should beat Stich hands down. Did I miss somebody?

Remembering the Brazilian

Although many recall his twin defeats of Sampras and Agassi on an ultra fast carpet to finish the millenium as world no.1, I always remember Gustavo Kuerten fondly by replaying the match where he fought the odds and injury to overwhelm Federer in 2004 RG. On the eve of the match, there was this injury [...]

what to expect in 2008.

Gasquet: He’s just had his first full year without any major injury on the ATP and thanks to insipid performances by fellow ATP mugs managed to finish in the top 8. The next year, though should be a lot more challenging. He has almost no points to defend until Wimbledon and could be making his [...]


When a wedding involves an Iyer groom and an Iyengar bride, into the second minute of the ritual, will it be ‘Parameswara preethyartham‘ or ‘Narayana preethyartham‘?

Maanga Contest

A long time ago, a roommate and the person who comments here as Nav had some argument. They decided to settle things on the Tennis Court. Now, one hopes Navin will challenge Gasquet Fan. The winner will get tickets to Rolland Garros — for the matches in which Federer or Gasquet play. Depending on who wins, that [...]