January 2008

How to get even

Get Symmonds and Ponting to play for the Madras team in IPL. Let the Tamil boys sledge the North Indians out of the ground. The monkey boy will stand as body guard of course. Vegetarian illaya.

Sadness overflows

This boy Amit proves a point. About what happens when you actually assume one bit of sense over your own dumb self. Much like what the Maanga has become, but then.

Have you noticed,

None of the regular type bloggers who generally assume they have to express an opinion on most things, have done so on Andrew Symmonds being called a monkey. I am thinking, this padam. Snowflakes etc. Because white masters haven’t gotten over their guilt, brown coolies who either write code or column for a living, cannot. Racism [...]

English at the workplace

….is essential when one has recruited non-brahmin types who can’t speak English and one also feels embarrassed about one’s accent in the native language.

Monthly avataram lecture,

Currency carry trade, Japan, Yen, US Federal Reserve, interest rate differential, rupee, dollar, meaningless, India, Capital account convertibility, Tarpore committee etc.

Corruption, the cheaper option.

One solution is to use points made by Russian leaders themselves. Guess who said this: “Russia is a country of legal nihilism at the level…that no European country can boast of…Corruption in the official structures has a huge scale”. That sounds as though it came from some opposition politician such as Garry Kasparov—the sort of [...]

Roger, Rafa and Novak

Roger: Love his game. His insistence on tradition to secure his own greatness is as irritating as his aristocratic snobbish behavior. Typical Swiss trash. Rafa: Hate his game. But seems the more humble and friendly compared to the other two. Novak: This Hewitt clone manages to live up to Hewittian expectations of assolishness. Boring game. Too full of himself [...]

Scene by scene

We maintain Tamil modesty by importing Marathi women and stripping them — Fair & Lovely, in case you did not know, is a Tamil funded conspiracy that makes Tamil women ugly and therefore modest. The Dravidian parties understand this — after all, both are headed by people who either scripted or stripped. What is the [...]

Pulp Friction

M.V.Sridhar to Symonds: There’s a passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17. I never really questioned what it meant. But just this morning while I was taking the biggest crap, I had enough time to think about it. It could mean you’re the evil man. And I’m the righteous man. And Mr. Hansen here, he’s the sheperd [...]