February 2008

Manjunath Revisited

In the light of recent discussions, It is clear how Nilu should have reacted in the case of this death. He should have waited a year and written a novel alleging an inappropriate relationship between Manjunath and the Petrol Bunk owner. The dipstick that Manjunath used to measure petrol adulteration could have acquired an entirely [...]

On Reading

As I grow older, I find myself unable to read. Even a few years ago, a book a week, 52 books a year seemed within reach, and a library of a thousand books seemed to be a fine lifetime of reading. No longer. Two months have gone by in 08, and I havent read a [...]

On absolving plagiarism

In the 1930s in England, there were a bunch of authors, who wrote rather well. WH Auden, Christopher Isherwood and Stephen Spender. I can vouch for Auden, but I havent read more than one work by Isherwood or Spender. In 1951, Stephen Spender wrote his autobiography, “World within World”. In 1993, David Leavitt, a young [...]


Gasquet finds his mojo . The next three Grand Slams are Gasquet’s to lose now.

Madras’ worst

lazygeek.net and kirukkal.com will remain closed for the next week in remembrance of writer sujatha. Two questions, Why the fuck would you call someone ‘writer sujatha’? Given that you are this fucked up, has that wife produced the babies?

Your purse can help

“The Americans always claim they won the war,” she said. “That’s rubbish. We won the war. They only joined in when it was already clear the Germans were going to lose.” Now, I want to visit Russia more than ever. Please contribute generously to my holiday fund.

State of Indian blogs

A blogger comes with a shelf life. And, when the said blogger’s chosen topic is either humor or shock, that shelf life only becomes shorter. With more serious consequences beyond. In other words, stop reading.


Who coined the phrase (or used it first with respect to India) ‘demographic dividend’? In two years’ time, when we are fighting for half a meal, we should know whom to blame.

God has bad hearing

Since I was going on 50, balding, had a strange gap in my teeth and young women were blogging about how lecherous I was, I prayed that I should get married. Read Sundara Kandam, listened to Velukkudi droning away, agreed to amma´s request for a thulabaram as success fee, considered angapradakshinam, started doing sandhya vandanam [...]

Why prostitution must be legal

Varma boy and his ilk may give several reasons which mean nothing. The real reason is — if one has to make a cost analysis of marriage over a reasonably long period of time, one needs to know how much a woman will cost, for one night; or day. For sex, that is. If you [...]