February 2008

The Tamil Man

A friend of mine, who grew up in North India, often wonders why South Indian men have a very indifferent relationship with their parents. I tried explaining that we were raised that way — and that the process of transcending into adulthood is very subtle. One rarely ever asserts one’s own independence but just claims [...]

Bald men have feelings too

It’s not enough if you don’t wear denim trousers, kid; you must also stop wearing sleeveless shirts. PS: A reader (actually, a writer) writes in, This P.R.E.E.T.I girl is something. Look at this one from last December Priya- my awesomely fun, beautiful and entirely LOVABLE dido. Isn’t there a spelling mistake somewhere there?

Rohit Sharma

Prediction: Rohit Sharma will be India’s most succesful Test batsman. It’s a pity this boy is from Bombay and not Madras.

Idam, Porul, Eval etc.

One’s political opinions and contempt for the existing establishment have a place; that’s not in a story on the lovable Semicolon. The linguist Noam Chomsky sniffed, “I suppose Bush would claim it’s the effect of No Child Left Behind.”

About being something first

I have now decided, fools such as these exist because idiots such as he pontificate. In other words, you cannot choose to be an Indian unless the rest of us let you.

Puke of the Day

What Raj Thackeray and his bunch of goons has done is not just criminal but Unconstitutional. It is also highly dangerous - because it is this identity called ‘Indian’ that keeps us together as a nation. Otherwise we have nothing else in common. As though, having something in common with India is more important than personal/regional/linguistic/tribal [...]

Question to Bombay type people

I have long thought, there is violence on the street only when the opposition lacks strength. Extending that thought, I’d imagine the Marathi boys outnumber the Hindi boys. But statistics in the media suggest otherwise. While poll results seem to support my theory. What is?


The answer, marriage seeking thulukka pasangala, isn’t religion. It’s threefold: porn, prostitution and sexuality.

Dear prefect kid at school,

I absolutely understand. Being at the gate of your school and acting officious to kids who are late, and to their parents, is the high point of your life. It’s just that when you are a 15 year old girl and try to do that with a neighbor, who is there only because he is [...]