March 2008

Namma friendu vaidi kku

If you are attempting humor wise, you can’t be otherwise. Else, you should learn evolutionary biology. Since this boy is an expert in dealing with pult and in evolutionary biology, simultaneously, I will let him puke the puke.

Amit Varma explained

More generally, the ill-researched piece brings to light the reasons people with real day jobs tend to dismiss the views and opinions held by most freelance econo-journos (Sauvik Chakraverti of ToI comes to mind immediately). Loads of armchair theorising, a reluctance to get some real data and scrutinise it before forming opinions and passing judgements, [...]


Madras is not Bombay; or North India. The several non-Madras people and their new found love for Chepauk reminds me of the idiot yuppies who discovered Rajini. A popular quip — from Harsha Bhogle to Gaurav Sabnis, whatever that gamut means, is — Chepauk is and has always meant a sporting wicket in an Indian [...]

Dear North Indians,

You don’t even know what the best part is and how one should wait for it. No self respecting Tamil will pick on an editorial by Ram; only his response to the Reader’s editor should be. Nilu

Amit Varma was on TV

Avataram mentioned something about Utopia and Dystopia sometime back. I have now decided, it’s a convenient prism to classify mankind into Others and Maanga. While the dichotomy is meaningless, its futility cannot be fathomed by those within. QED.

Idiot South Africans,

The way the wicket has been prepared, it’s going to be a spinner’s paradise. We’ve had trips to the subcontinent recently and the guys are playing spin as well as they’ve ever played. I think the myth that South Africans do not play spin well is pretty much out of the window now. Two words: [...]


Five years on, where is the oil? And, why are the idiot Americans wanting change and not cheaper fuel? Like a policeman in Pondicherry said, vellaya iruntha foreign kaaran.


Patriotism is an error in judgment — of the boundary of your city. PS: Apropos to this. I know, this sounds lame. But sounded quite profound in my head. And in my defense, I don’t have much to cover it.

On the Mohammed cartoons

As Borges wrote sixty years ago in his short story, “Averroes’s  search”, Arabic has no equivalent words for “comedy” or “tragedy”.