March 2008

On change

Is it necessary to travel so far back in time and space to find an Obama equivalent? Just hop across the pond to Sarkozy, who came to power promising change, and then kept everything the same and changed his wife.

On Raghuvaran

After a short silence he looks you straight in the eye and says: “Acting is like puking!”

Obama and Rushdie

Rushdie has an unusually brilliant take on America in the wake of Sep 11. The lectures ends with a hope: “We are living I believe in a frontier time, one of the great hinge periods in human history, in which great changes are coming about at great speed. On the plus side, the end of the cold war, [...]

About elections

Wealth, like other segments of the evolutionary construct, is still largely a function of chance.  Not change.

Puke of the Day

He was making a speech for posterity, not just for the Democratic Party nomination, and his populist pandering, which lacked the nuance that set the rest of his speech apart, struck a discordant note. Suddenly, the idiot desi who was seriously arguing why Tommy Bowden should be sacked because he did not even attend a [...]

Ajith vs. Vijay

I have now found out, is about race relations and skin color. All self respecting Tamils should now become fans of Vijay.

Question for copywriter boy

Since most people have decided this is clever, I will assume you are. Now, tell me: why are TV commercials, and worse, radio jingles, that were originally made in Hindi, being translated to Tamil? I’d rather watch translated versions of obscure European advertisements, made in societies and cultures I don’t know enough to despise.