April 2008

How not to write

Varma boy gives us a lesson, Twenty20 cricket is filled with life-and-death urgency. There are just 120 deliveries in each innings, and every ball matters. There is no space for sloppiness or error. A single mistake can shift the momentum. The batsmen have to try and score off every ball, and have no time to [...]

Layman sucks.

Sometime last year De Villiers, the idiot head of ATP, decided to make tennis more accessible to laymen - like the ones that read this blog. Among other things, he came up with a brilliant plan to rename all masters series tournaments into ‘1000 series’, like naming his dogs based on the average calories they [...]

About bad writing IV

Avataram writes in about the Infosys blog, Global Footprint does not make a flat world company. What is this? Vamanavataram? The entire infosys top management has taken to mixed metaphors since Thomas Friedman met Nandan Nilekani. Their Annual Report lists Richa Govil as Group Manager – Go-to-Market (Marketing).And her criterion for a flat company is scheduling a call across three time [...]

About bad writing II

Yet how paradoxical it is, and how delightful, that Bangalore, a city that has leapt to prominence on the back of work outsourced by America, is now itself outsourcing from America - outsourcing glamour, no less.  I remember an author who once said she edits all her writing by imagining Tunku reading her work. Then, this [...]

About bad writing III

A friend said ‘That Punkster woman can’t write one sentence without a cliche if her life depended on it.’ So, I opened that blog and read the first sentence: Stay tuned denizens, this blog will be back with a bang (yay, my propensity to spew out schmaltzy lines has not diminished!) very, very soon.

I had fruits for dinner

Quick, tell me the names of five Indian CEOs who blog? I’ll wait. No, really. I’ll wait. Take your time. Give up? I’m not surprised. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I asked this question to 10 different people and most couldn’t go beyond two names. Feel better?  No, that was not from a blog written in [...]

The idiot discovery guide

Giveaway #35: They write disclaimers. Seriously. Regarding candidates running for office in a country they[1] don’t live in and haven’t lived in. [1] — As in them idiots, not candidates.

About bad writing

When one has something to say, one must assume, the person at the receiving end is as smart. And that means, one does not repeat oneself or explain what has been indicated. Example, When you enter this compound you enter a different world. A world that has no resemblance to the life outside the compound. Regardless [...]

Madras, Chennai etc.

At the mouth of Doraisamy Subway, there was a mild collision between two cars — a Santro hit an Ambassador from behind. Both were at fault and that is hardly the point. The men in the Ambassador, predictably, were not from South Madras; at least, they did not look like they were. The Santro had [...]