April 2008


I want to say a lot more. But why would I?[1] [1] — Thanks to avataram.

About strategy meetings

Global warming, like it is related conversely to every other liberal agenda, is incompatible with Universal Healthcare; no green technology will reduce emissions as quickly as a drastic fall in life expectancy.

Mount Road, Mylapore & Amrikka

Didn’t I tell you? The next stage is when someone with a Mylapore name and a title that says he is a professor in a University in America will write to the reader’s editor. Asking for transparency in the process that selects the letters written to the editor. Citing statistical evidence to prove that the support for Tibet among [...]

Rafa – the new Roddick

Normally I don’t comment on matches that I didn’t get to see, but this one’s hard to pass up. Rafa’s nth beatdown on a Hard court in the past 6 months. Sweeter, because its his former bitch, Davydenko, that spanked him 6-4 6-2 in the Miami Masters final today. Now this girl will come up with excuses [...]

On Derrida

Let us try some Derrida on Ajay Shah. What is the problem according to him? - The RBI is keeping the rupee artificially low by buying dollars. This helps in importing inflation. - The interest rate differential is high. US 90 day rate is 1.28% and Indian 90 day rate is 7%. - This difference, and the fact that [...]

A whole new meaning to morning rush

Since I don’t drink coffee these days, I need a bowel movement stimulant anyway. First, there was Ajay Shah. Economics and exotic financial instruments, I don’t know. But the difference between inanimate objects and a living second person, I do. So, there was the King next, If your company has a corporate blog (if it doesn’t, you really should), [...]

Bitches strike back.

After half a decade of pounding, 2008 is unfolding nicely as the ‘bitches payback year’. First it was Djokovic, then a couple of flat footed Americans and now everyone will look at the draw hoping Federer’s their first round opponent.

Why IPL will fail

There are two kinds of people: those who watch Cricket and those who watch Team India. The former have Test Cricket and the  latter have news media.