May 2008

Duh Nitin

Or when the Sri Lankan government is brutally repressing the Tamil minority, again driving refugees into India? Was that written to explain how the Indian soldiers had no reason to speak out against the IPKF? If it was, I must say, Dilip must be a relieved man. Fact Check: The IPKF was formed through the Indo-Sri Lankan accord, signed [...]

James Blake sucks, Murray surprises.

James Blake does listen to commentators. He takes their input seriously. So he thinks the mistake yesterday was when he put them all in practice in one match, when he should have just played his game. And what is his game? Ball-Bashing, not tennis. Now, I don’t detest ball bashing. Far from it. It feels [...]

French Open

So it happens that I am allowed to ridicule players without ever having to win a Grand Slam myself, but should construct a nice argument to back up my point. Nice try sam, but good luck searching for a reader that feeds you only Nilu’s and avataram’s posts. Now on to the the post itself. [...]

Oscar, you fool!

I agree you had a nice haircut, but after 10 years on tour, if you serve like you are shooting peas off someone’s back, it’s time for you to retire. And what do I see you doing? Grinding down poor Mathieu for a two set lead. I ask, why? I am aware that I have [...]

Safin, Davy

It’s a miracle that Safin continues to make the main draw at Grand Slams, but he will meet my man, Davydenko, in the next round. Keen readers will be quick to note that I tipped Davydenko to have the dirtiest pair of trousers at the end of RG, and hence it must follow that Safin [...]

Didn’t mean to hurt you Oscar!

I called you names, fool – I believe, and also a pea-shooter. Not that offensive, really. But thank you for using your iPhone to read my post during your toilet break, and thank you for losing the match against Mathieu. See, it wasn’t that hard. Believe me, you don’t deserve to win a second round [...]


A strong federal structure with local power centers, one would think, will only help the two national parties. The Congress, for family reasons, does not like the idea. What about the BJP?

Kuerten bows out with a 6-3 6-4 6-2

The swansong, although four years late, had the perfect setting. An opponent who plays great in 20 min bursts, and can spare Kuerten the pain of having to play 5 sets to lose this match, and near full French Open crowd that was present to give this man a fitting send-off. The match had everything, [...]


At 8 AM, when few have come into work, a man picks up his phone and talks about how Fidel Edwards bowled beautifully. With a voice full of longing for glory of West Indies that gives away his age. This, on  day that followed two close encounters in the IPL.