May 2008


In case you did not realize, Shivraj Patil had basically asked you to shut up[1]. [1] — I assume, you too.

Why does Amit Varma write so poorly?

Almost all writing that I come across is bad. I am not the well read types and maybe there are several good books I don’t know much about. Is the argument that, my professional work is not out for judgment every day and hence it’s unfair for me judge Amit’s even valid?

Come to India, Richard!

Dear Richard, That you can be an exceptional player is evident from the matches you played in 2005. You got worse with each passing month and are now losing to players like Seppi and Querrey. There have been calls for you to toughen up, fight harder, etc.. but you know where the problem lies. Its [...]


When a reasonably good review of a biography that details Mayawati’s ascent is written, one is reasonably impressed. Then, one also finds that the person who reviewed the book is Sagarika Ghose! One realized, just like people who can’t write well aren’t stupid, people who don’t present themselves well aren’t either[1]. Later, one googled for more reviews of Behenji [...]

Politics of terror

  What a nationwide information system shared by all state agencies can’t solve, a Federal Agency cannot either. Information sharing needs IT systems; absolute ownership, political resolve. Trading one for the other is to live in an age of the 8085.

Sport & Sunday

Portsmouth won against Cardiff. The two Champions League finalists have, predictably, resuted in everyone deciding that English football has caught up with European football. But the Brits can be excused. Gasquet Fan, please shut this boy.