June 2008

The better country

America is a better country than India is. Or ever will be. The reason, unlike what Atanu Dey wants you to to believe, is not its Constitution; rather, its judges. It’s true that many Web sites, including Mr. Dylan’s official one, reproduce the lyric as Chief Justice Roberts does. But a more careful Dylanist might have consulted [...]

Puzzle type

Reliance Energy wants the deal. The Indian National Congress will like it. The Left does not. The SP has no opinion. Guess what the outcome will be.

About stunning editorials

The party that leads the United Progressive Alliance government is in a state of moral and political confusion. Demoralised by a string of Assembly election defeats, notably in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, and Karnataka, and besieged by economic and political troubles, the Congress has absolutely no idea where it is going. Perhaps feeling that it [...]


The Madras Book Club met yesterday for the re-launch of a well received book in the name of this glorious city. The original book, written in Tamil, has been re-written in English by its author K.R.A.Narasiah. The meeting, true to Madras style middle class meetings, was more about Rava Upma. And sadly, the rather mediocre Upma [...]

India Shining

By definition, growing up is confused with having grown up. And Indian business sentiment is possibly the single greatest example[1]. Sevanti Ninan rightly castigates the media at the wrong place. Somehow, one always expects something worthwhile on a Sunday Magazine. Pointing how stupid the stupids are is best left to The Maanga. One thinks. In an NDTV [...]


A version of history that looks at the now vilified people as proponents of dystopia.

Bets open

Did Amit Varma’s mother deserve such a poor obit? Nilu, if you have to be an idiot, at least be a classy one. regards – The Other Nilu TON,  If you want to be considerate to the dead and show compassion for the living, good for you. Good for Varma’s mother and he, too. I am [...]


The MDMK, formed in 1994, has underperformed by any and all measures ever since. The Dravidian Movement edged the Congress out of power in the 60s. That part of Tamil Nadu’s political history is now well explained — the DMK had an issue, had charismatic leaders and the ruling party was a sitting duck. If [...]

A Classy Fuck

There is no reason not to flirt with the driver. He’s young, new and terrified of losing his job. And this arrangement of being driven around is appropriate for flirtation. The rear view mirror offers glimpses. She pretends to faint in the heat, be lost in the city, be sad when the husband is grumpy. [...]