June 2008


In the next elections, one can be reasonably sure that the DMK will not do well. And in the near future, it will possibly split. The AIADMK lead front is a good bet for the short term — the question is, how does a small regional party like the MDMK  optimize its tactics with respect [...]


The MDMK is having its conclave at Island Grounds today. Politics in Tamil Nadu, over the past half a century, has had two distinct schools: fan clubs and political oratory. Yes, the odd protest movement has evened out the periodic person or party; largely though, the Tamil Nation has been a binary solution space. Dravidian [...]

Bets open

Monday, June 16th, 2008 Hindu Astrology has always come to stand for prediction, and therefore unscientific. However, the original texts clearly distinguish between Jyautishya and Phala Jyautishya. Jyautishya means astronomy while the latter term literally means “astronomy with a result/fruit,” which approximates in meaning to astrology. By his own account, AKR’s father was a phala [...]

Judging a Government

 must be truly Tamil. In the glorious tradition of the peoples of this great land, I always find myself supporting the aalum katchi. It makes me immensely proud of my own self and of my ilk — the tree Tamils[1]. The last time I remember supporting an opposition party in an election was in 1996 — that [...]

I am thinking businessmen

Think of a good phone for businessmen and what comes on top of mind is the Blackberry. Maybe a Nokia E-series phone. Apple iPhone really doesn’t figure in the list. It after all, has a strong ‘high-end consumer phone’ image. This is the number one need that businessmen look for in a business phone. What [...]

Bets open.

Let’s assume Senator McCain chooses Bobby Jindal as his running mate. Let’s aslo assume, the Louisiana Senate too approves SB 733 which has already been passed by the House. Bobby Jindal, one would assume, will not veto the bill[1]. Fast forward four months. Barkha Dutt will want to have an episode of We the People with Amit Varma as [...]