July 2008

Art of living

I love Rumani mangoes. But while the spirit is willing, the bowels are weak. When I found myself surreptitiously eyeing the public toilet near the beach during a laughter club session, I sought help. The bearded man with twinkling eyes intoned, “The other mango always causes dysentery”. I nodded. He said, the solution is right [...]

Ars longa, Vita brevis

There is an old chinese proverb that goes: “If you wait by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy floating by.” In the last few months, waiting by the Adyar, I have seen the bodies of the economist who predicted that the rupee would appreciate to 36 while interest rates are [...]


There are many joys of reading a novel as good as “Netherland“. The interior monologue of a loser on wall street who lives alone, plays cricket with other indian, pakistani and west indian expats on saturdays makes the novel easy to identify with. The Indian community in new york, who leave their wives at home [...]

Family newspaper

The Hindu is no longer a family newspaper. Sruthi Krishnan writes a couple of days ago: “Whenever this ace table tennis player put two fingers into his pocket, his opponents got jittery. They knew he would start scoring more points.” What next? An article on Rafa Nadal? Today, GN Karthika from MOP Vaishnav writes in NxG: [...]

kanakku varla

Why is it math? Did this boy study in Umrikka? If he did, did they not teach him elementary statistics? Will someone tell him what an arithmetic mean is and how it is different from the median? Headline: Long-term investors must sell now: Asia Commonwealth Pvt Bk Actual Quote: We believe that this is an opportunity for those who are [...]