August 2008

Kurangu Buddhi

There appears to be a problem of  why very similar risks are perceived very differently by people. The easy way is to call it innate morality and blame it on everything from evolution to religion and culture. The difficult way is to extract a subset of that problem that seems interesting, like loss-aversion, and to say something non-trivial [...]

Moral of the story

The difference is, when Palin speaks, you start wondering how you’d have written it; Obama, how you’d have delivered.

Take 12G

Whether this calls for shutting this blog down for reasons of joy or sorrow, one cannot decide. Given three of this blog’s authors are now in Madras, an emergency meet is being proposed. Venue: Anna Samadhi.

Is the downturn so bad?

Why would anyone write this? At least, fundamentalists have an agenda. What’s this Mishra person’s excuse? I question that tennis boy’s grammar and avataram’s existence.

On randomness

I don’t know what Soros or Taleb had to say about equilibrium of financial systems in the 21st Century. Suggestions in this blog and elsewhere indicate, they are intuitive Utopians. In that context, I am now fascinated by another Utopian whose idea of it was more Dystopian if social equilibrium were understood in the modern [...]

On central banks and the financial crisis

The last Jackson Hole symposium produced some interesting papers. Foremost was the Mishkin paper that set out how the Bernanke Fed would act in the face of the financial crisis, and the Taylor paper that blamed the crisis on Greenspan keeping interest rates too low (As Soros suggests in his book, this was to get W re-elected, a suggestion [...]

About North Usman Road

Some cities are more charming than others. Either because they happen to be Madras or, actually are. The drive down Summit Avenue in St Paul, along the governor’s residence, is probably the most quaint thing I have ever done. Which probably says I haven’t done much else. But then.