September 2008


A request. At some point I had written a lot on RH. And at another point, Nilu deleted the entire blog, taking some of my writing with it. If any of you have some of the more readable posts that I wrote – either in your feedreaders, or mail accounts or in your heads. Send [...]

Anatomy of a rape

I don’t understand why this hanging of one’s head in shame is any different from right wing nuts. If you aren’t an individual, you are a mob. PS: Title with due apologies to TON.

To Russia with love

Being older than Generation X or Generation Y, I may be one of the few to remember the number of times Doordarshan showed Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Stalker”. The film was about a magical “zone” which had the power to grant one’s deepest desires as a result of a meteor or spacecraft crash from a super-civilization. It was [...]

Friday morning

Exec 1: What about the downturn? Exec2: It won’t affect us. After all, the financial  sector is not our customer. Exec1: Isn’t credit a problem for our clients? How about fresh investments? Exec2: It won’t affect us. After all the financial  sector is not our customer. At least not directly. Exec1: What about general recession? [...]

Bad writing

Much like porn, one can’t define good writing; it can only be read. Though, bad writing, it is becoming increasingly clear, can. Especially those that attempt humor – a good example. Humor, or a particular style of it, by definition, has to become stale relatively quickly; after all, there are only so many ways in which it can [...]

Bad writing

The drive to the temple had taken us deep into the Tamil Nadu countryside, past the electric-green rice fields of the Cauvery Delta. Storms broke out as we were leaving the temple, but I didn’t mind. It all seemed part of the landscape, these rains that would bring a harvest for the farmers making a [...]

Why Amit Varma sucks

I don’t quite understand why I think Taleb sucks. Maybe because another author of this blog hyped him up and the book let me down. Maybe the hype was relevant within a context; a puke has a target audience too. In this case, it was a puke on MBA types, which, to someone without that [...]

Muslims don’t sing

Attributing conspiracy theories to genuine stupidity is a preserve of right wing nuts. However, NPR’s recent stories have been about playing Tchaikovsky and being afan of Metallica. In Baghdad. While both Karim Wasfi and Eddy Moretti were charming, it makes one wonder if America still hasn’t come out the cold war. This war isn’t cold — it’s not not even a war.

About blogs

Ritwik, in a fairly idiotic post, essentially blames an idiot for his growing up. If a blog continues to be interesting for more than a six months, the problem is with the reader — not the author. Anyway, that is not the point of this post. The problem he alludes to is probably very old and [...]

On Shiller

A general bonfire is so great a necessity that unless we can make of it an orderly and good tempered affair in which no serious injustice is done to anyone, it will, when it comes at last, grow into a conflagaration that may destroy much else as well.  John Maynard Keynes, “The economic consequences of [...]