September 2008

Street corner wisdom

The dead Uncle used to say, ONGC will drill for 50 years and find nothing. RIL will follow them and find oil in two years. This will then be hailed as a success of private enterprise. Rascals.

Has to be Sabnis

The guy has been hitting the news circuit since yesterday to talk about some course he is taking on faith and globalization.  Yuck! Now that it is over, maybe it is time to praise some short-sellers.  And buy that BRIC portfolio for the pension plan. PS: And here is Bess Levin´s wonderful letter to the CEOs of Morgan Stanley and Goldman.

Boundary conditions, humor etc.

In related news, a survey has revealed that an astonishing 93% of Tam-Brahm households had at least one uncle who humorously referred to Vengsarkar as ‘Vengayasambaar’.  I have now decided, there cannot be something funnier than this.


I’m sitting in Bob’s home in Nebraska, having breakfast with him. I’ve liked this dude since we first met, in a bar just last night.  Does he not have a wife?

The parallel world

Bush seems to be doing almost everything right these days, despite being reviled as a lame-duck president. The surge has worked and Odierno, of the surprising felicitation below, has replaced Petraeus.  He coaxed Georgia into getting into a little war with Russia and as a consequence of Putin´s strong arm tactics and the oil price, the Russian [...]

On the last white shoe firm

About three years ago, Morgan Stanley (MS) was run by a man named Phil Purcell. Purcell was not an banker, he was a McKinsey consultant. He used to run Dean Witter, which bought MS in 1997, and after a power struggle, ousted John Mack, the MS man in 2001. Around 2005, when everyone was piling [...]

Dear BJP,

Have you been to a Police Station in India recently? They are probably slightly behind the curve in terms of technology when compared to ration shops. Nothing is digitized – not complaints, not crimes and certainly not criminals. So, forget cofessions which can be used for conviction under POTA — if the accused Muslims were [...]

Bankers or Traders?

The basic question that emerges from Lehman´s collapse is an old one. Should investment banks be run by bankers or traders? For most of the life of Wall Street, bankers ran Investment banks. Over the last decade, most of the CEOs have been traders. Lehman Brothers almost went bust in the early 80s because of [...]

Thiruvanmiyur is not Madras

I don’t know how things were in India in the 90s. Maybe people who are old enough to have held a job then will tell us. In this decade though, typically, as it happens elsewhere in the world, the senior management of large companies make several speeches that mean nothing every quarter. Among them, those [...]


So the Safari browser for Mobiles does not recognize rich text?Anyway don’t we already have the answer for terrorism? Isn’t it called broadband? And an elitist and feudal social structure?