September 2008

Question for BJP

Isn’t terrorism such an urban plank? Shouldn’t the party try and go after diversifying its vote base, and concentrate on free power or fertilizer or something?

India, Honesty & Forgery

The first post independent generation, especially the elite among it, seem to have a conception of India. Bureaucracy made of them, having retired in the past decade, has started to explain that to the rest of us. TS Krishnamurthy and Bimal Jalan have written two such accounts[1]. Both books have a fundamental and unstated assumption about the [...]

Elections ‘08

The difference between Conservatives and Liberals, we are often told, is their divergence in terms of tolerating the lack of equality in outcomes or opportunities in order to achieve the other. It’s a philosophical dichotomy that has been reduced to rhetoric in the modern American electoral politics, as one would have expected. And, if one [...]

Parallel lines meet etc

I propose a new solution. A separate mass of land for all traitors. I shall be its President. One of the problems the government faced was opposition from legions of mothers whose sons had been maimed or died in the war. To confront this problem, the government-controlled TV would parade a mother whose son had died in [...]

A drunk bird

It takes India’s foremost economist five months to get the obvious. On April 2, he favoured reducing nominal interest rates by 300bps, now he says, “monetary easing in such a difficult inflationary situation is inappropriate”, after seeing that real rates have fallen by 221bps, despite the RBI’s hikes. I prefer slow moving bureaucrats like YV Reddy or Duvvuri Subbarao. [...]

Why have a Central Bank?

Someone on TV yesterday: Inflation targeting is also a way of intervening with the domestic value of currency. Why do you think intervention is bad when the context is external exchange rate and good in the domestic scenario?[1] One hopes avataram and Ravikiran took note. PS: The wife seems to satisfy the basic spout requirement. [1] — Or [...]

One rupee change

I was waiting for someone, if not anyone else then Elizabeth Edwards, to ask Obama what really was his Healthcare plan — after his acceptance speech that is. Since I haven’t seen any, now, we will assume the promise reduce premiums and widen the insurance net is the specifics.