October 2008

Nesapakkam Project

Raapi knows this blog is now listless and bores even those don’t read it. That calls for no action. Given the considered research and the careful conclusion above, the obvious answer is to write alternative history. Starting with the single most important event that would have changed the course of 20th Century. Therefore, Alfred E Smithwould have [...]

Doris should write letters too

Tragic tales are, by definition, funny. Resulting in right wing nuts quoting commie type chicks. Then, there comes along a Bernardine Evaristo who writes a funny tale that is tragic. On that note, I realized, when one belongs to the Utopian school, one cannot not be partisan. By definition. But isn’t a post-partisan or bi-partisan order an [...]

About idiots

I know all about idiots. I used to be one. Anyway, the right wing nut quotes Meera!

The White Swan

This was in the Maanga on 31 Jan 2007. So, I completely agree with Andrew Lahde when he slams bankers for stupidity. But I may have to agree that Avataram knew more finance and wrote better two years ago: It is kind of worrying: -Article in FT and graphs attached show China and Nasdaq have a similar [...]

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Woody Allen’s new film has a man and three women. By the end of the film, everyone has made love to everyone else. There is a threesome involving Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz as well. So, is the thinking man’s porn flick finally here? No. There is no sex in the movie, just a lot [...]

The nawab’s battery

Two short stories from Pakistan and India. Both involve fathers with many daughters doing ingenious jobs to earn enough for their dowries. Both stories involve grievous harm to someone’s prick. Even the titles are similar. Both authors write about the dark side of life in the sub-continent. I simply wonder who the better writer is, that is all.

Theory type

Americans running for the office of the President of the United States do two things: point and wave. No one really knows whom they point to. Maybe it’s a vestige from a past when the country did not have 300 million people. Maybe it’s TVs gift to America. Whatever the case, one can safely say, [...]

About badly executed bad ideas

Fiction, I have come to realize, isn’t easy to write. Much like a new and improved mouse trap that people don’t need, the number of attempts at it, for the same reason, is very high. As a blogger, one should know that. Descriptive prose, however well written, has to be an insult to the reader. That [...]

Theory type

What’s cultish and what’s passe is a function of time — like puke in Maanga’s glory days, David Lynch and Douglas Hofstadter in the 80s, Internet in the mid 90s and Hannibal Hamlin and Herbert Hoover in Oct 2008. By extension, one can at best sneer when people call themselves a fan of that Taleb [...]