October 2008

On Minsky

If he were alive today, there would be no contest for the Nobel Prize in Economics for 2008. The prize has been discredited, as year after year, it has been awarded to some Chicago economist who tried to prop up the shaky edifice of efficient markets or invisible hand.  This year they had to give it to [...]

Why Churches are being burned

David Leavitt has been laughed at. That sets the ethical standards for this blog. Joe Biden has been resurrected. No one, except Biden himself, talks about Neil Kinnock anymore. If attending a Church or a party is wrong, one can imagine how wrong copying the details about one’s own family must be. Back then, even a pansy liberal was all [...]

Obama, the anti Christ

Did someone not say, bigotry is a luxury people can’t afford in a recession? Evil, as it is now obvious, almost always comes with a compelling narrative.

Status downdate

Since I am at a stage where I am convinced about the stupidity of whatever it is that I want to write, in past couple of weeks I have not written on How Obama is the anti Christ. 1972. Senator McGovern. The last grassroots candidate to get the nomination of any national party was wiped [...]

Pulling out

A very boring stand up routine with a punch line at the very end that makes you go,Oh that’s why we still watch ‘em'