November 2008

Bombay: A Mu Ka plot

With the Chetty all set to takeover the portfolio that marks the end of political careers in India, it is now apparent that the posters of Karthi Chidambaram all over Madras did not go well with Gopalapuram. So, all talks of a compromise Congress Chief Minister after Mu Ka have been dealt with. Dear Tamil, [...]

Silence for sale

Firstly there is Dilip. Who starts as usual in the most cliched form of someone doing something and writes an essay at the end of which one is left wondering why it was written and worse, read. Then there is Nitin, who after every strike gives out platitudes that implicitly assume the nation state as concept is [...]

South Bombay

Badri Raina, in a beautiful piece that addresses one aspect of the past week writes, And to South-Mumbai India we say, ask yourself what sort of unity you are looking for? Such as allows you peaceably and happily to continue to cream off India, or a just unity that, seeing with a “single eye” everywhere, gives in [...]


There are about 20 armed men in one City. And, a cyclone over an entire state.

Purge the Gangetic Plains

Was it not Richard Feynman who said, The American Civil War will fade into provincial insignificance in comparison with this important scientific event of the same decade when referring to Maxwell’s equations? I wonder what the politics of this age will pale in comparison to. After all, a couple of hundred people being shot dead [...]

Dear Middle Class Bitch,

Shut up. This country cannot afford a fancy police force. That it could not did not strike you until yesterday? Now, stop typing inanities and live a life — or die. No one fucking cares. In a country of a billion slaves, if anything, one only wonders why it’s not more frequent. But then, the [...]

Dystopian dream

Terrorism is too weak a threat to mankind. At least, until the weapons being used have such levels of entropy.


is the lame excuse of those who forget the pleasure of self destruction.

Healthcare Reform

This is the last week of November. Naturally, the shallowness of short-term electoral rhetoric is giving way to long term philosophical commitment on populism. The most important document yet on that count has come from the Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Max Baucus. The Senator, a Democrat from Montana, hopes to set the reform agenda for [...]