November 2008

Good writing

There are very many things that make a piece of writing beautiful. One of the obvious and an almost impossible aspect: honesty.

Stupid loop

What bugs me is the thought that this Shanthi and gang will go home and tell their husband/friends, “we had sooooo much fun ya! theater’la orey galatta panni kallakittom theriyuma”. Haven’t people been telling this idiot exactly this all his life? Some just don’t spell irony. Or, their.

A perfect hedge

Samir Arora points out that as a country, we are perfectly hedged for financial armageddon.

AIADMK — The End

Yes, the party may win the next election. And, M Karunanidhi’s decline and rivalry between the siblings may mean the DMK is not at its cohesive best in the next elections. But that is merely a personality threat — the AIADMK seems to have a much graver problem — it’s slowly untangling itself from the [...]


Movies watched over the weekend: Life in a Metro, Burn After Reading and Dostana. Moral of the Story: ‘indhi pasangalukku arive illa. The lust for an ordinary life is spoiled only by the temptation to make a virtue of it. Modern life is a struggle between lust and temptation.

Flagellating Puke

Hawkeye person starts a post thus, Note: I am currently going through a busy phase in life and so cannot sit down and write in leisure. And goes on to write 2300 words. This man is mad momma without the Uterus.

Stephen Wraysford must have met a Thevan

The Great War hardly means anything to most people who grew up in the 90s Madras. At best, it results in vague recollections of Treaty of Versailles, assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Armistice Day and a yellowing NCERT text book for Class X. History was not the favorite sport of Madras. Given that the books [...]


A work of fiction on the contemporary man. One who has no angst, no joys, no sorrows and no life. Is an ordinary man under ordinary circumstances with no sense of purpose and does not really care for life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

Weekly avataram lecture

A politician in a modern Democracy is a slave to the business cycle. Most politicians are either unaware or seem reluctant to acknowledge it. And ignorant dumb fucks have a propensity to misunderstand the cycle. Now what would a smart politician do? Can she do anything at all? If the Philips Curve or some such economists’ bastardization of [...]

Fuck Shanghai

I don’t know why Davydenko insists on losing games he should win. And worse, to that joker.