November 2008

The flick

When a human holds a bat in his hand and drives an oncoming cricket ball, one can write down a straightforward kinematics equation using the Denavit-Hartenberg convention. The number of degrees of freedom for the human arm is explicit when driving. What happens when a flick is attempted? Can someone write an equation for loosening [...]

Pop psycho

When Ritwik began his posts on economics with a rather good one on the weaknesses of various economic columnists and bloggers, I assumed that he would write something interesting. Then he resorted to copying out the further reading sections in his economics textbooks without doing any further reading. Reviewing all economic theory now is pointless unless it is to pick [...]


Is there a term for the way in which we instantly revise expectations depending on the layer of story telling, when reading fiction?

Toadley Effect

I now want to bet that the combination of Shy Tory Effect and Bradley Effect will be close to 5 points, making the race incredibly close. With a McCain win, we are likely to have a new effect.

Declaration of Independence

Hayden Lake, Idaho. With a nigger getting ready to occupy the whitest of houses, there is no choice for the Anglo Saxon but to bear arms to protect his own life and liberty. Satan, we have been warned repeatedly, will come in the disguise of a prophet and the modern American political theater is the [...]