December 2008

Moral of the Story

Sriram, the profoundest person known to mankind, is correct. Therefore, this blog is forced to admit its alibi.

Barkha Dutt absolves Modi; Calls him great

Barkha Dutt, facing severe criticism from the bourgeois, has defended Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. She explained to her attackers that the viewers had the last word. When questioned if TRP ratings absolve her of the murders of the ATS Chief and an NSG Major, she showed how the question begged itself. Did not Narendra Modi get absolved [...]

On political correctness

Sometime ago, when he was the president of Harvard University, Larry Summers got fired for comparing intellectual abilities of men and women. He said that on average, women and men have the same intellectual ability, but the standard deviation is much higher among men, and so there are more geniuses and more morons among men. [...]

30 Rock

It’s not that the show is mediocre as much as us living in a post sit-com era. Nancy Franklin captures the dilemma quite well. It’s a great office romance, without sex to ruin it. Fey’s Liz has become a bit looser over the show’s forty episodes, and it may be that winning two Emmys in a row [...]

Bad writing

Dear Lower Middle Class Woman, You are ugly. You wear cloth that is Rs 31 a meter. You have dry, parched skin. Your footwear is obnoxious and hair apalling. On the days I look at your face, I start wondering how unclean you’d be down there — making me lose interest even in women not [...]

On South Bombay

Back in the 90s, South Bombay was a wonderful Cocoon. I lived happily in a series of buildings-from Sagar Sangeet to Jolly Maker II and Oyster. Lunch was at Trattoria and dinner at Crystal, a small restaurant on Chowpatty that played Talat Mahmood or Kishore Kumar and that could be followed by strawberries and cream [...]