March 2009

Notes on reading lists

Reasonable people understand fiction as a way of exploring life. Which explains why this category of people will not review Slumdog Millionaire. However, the obvious binary solution space of idiots who did and the rest who did not blurs a lot more when two accomplished story tellers are considered. JM Coetzee and Philip Roth. I [...]

Meera Sanyal

I do not understand South Bombay. A banker wants to contest elections. In 2009. She’s running for national legislator promising local executive type action. And, there are bourgeois boys and girls from the Internets who want to support her. Of course, the same people will also bemoan the way politics gets reduced to a power game when a Mulayam Singh Yadav does the same [...]


The two main parties in Tamil Nadu have won assembly elections alternatively since 1991. The party in power loses elections and allies — this has been a simple rule of the state’s politics. The reason this happens and the relative merits of each party in terms of delivering on governance over the past two decades [...]