About bad writing


When one has something to say, one must assume, the person at the receiving end is as smart. And that means, one does not repeat oneself or explain what has been indicated. Example,

When you enter this compound you enter a different world. A world that has no resemblance to the life outside the compound. Regardless of whether you sit inside the restaurant or order food from your car – you should know this. Things take time inside this world. You cannot hurry the waiter. He will patiently listen to you say “please hurry it up” and quitely walk to the nearby table pick up a used plate and go away. But that has no operational impact. The waiter has seen everything. He knows most of the customers by name, knows them well and probably even knows what they might order. You don’t rush the waiter or complain about the service or the ambiance. He has served your father and grandfather. He has served mistresses, minors, majors, mamas and maamis. The people they want to serve will come regardless. If you are not the drive-in type – you are just an insignificant little Rs 27.75 that they don’t care about. Food is just an excuse to be there. Just the way the restaurant is an excuse for those people to be there. The whole point of drive-in is not driving in or eating. It is just being there.

Not only is the humor lost because of a belabored post, it simply gives the impression that the author decided to write a detailed post. Before deciding what had to be said.

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