India to fire Pranab, hire bloggers

Pakistan today was stunned when India fired its boring Foreign Minister, Pranab Mukherjee. The country’s President, Prathiba Patil, will now swear in a team of idiot bloggers from 2003 to head the Ministry. The Prime Minister’s Office, in a tweet, said India had more than adequate resources to meet self important morons of the Pakistani [...]

Notes on a Monday

Shallowness has been Maanga’s founding principle. It was brilliant when the proponents were plotting an irrelevant coup at the back benches and were 18. It matured into an art form that unfailingly dismissed what has been — especially, that have been well. Ten years later, the founding member on one Sunday struggled to dismiss Orhan [...]


I am in a phase where I think writing fiction is what the talented do; the reasonable read them. And, idiots write opinion pieces or analyses. While the silent majority tries to be funny; making it not so silent and hence a minority. Which explains why this blog is dead. Or, should be. Or, why this Arnab [...]

On the bourgeoisie

Luis Buñuel, more than anyone else, should have a retrospective in India. In two of his films, “The phantom of liberty” and “The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie”, he explores how the bourgeoisie keeps trying to the things that it is used to, like getting a meal at a nice restaurant, all the while being [...]

Bad Reporting

N Ram, at the HT Leadership Summit in 2007, there is too much editorializing masquerading as news in the various Indian media The Hindu’s front page report on Saturday, written by N Ram, Mr. Gopalaswami is an able man with a great deal of administrative experience. He is well regarded in the services. But his suo motu act of [...]

Asia Literary Review

Ian Jack explained this blog yesterday. On how the gift of articulation and  having something original to articulate are two different things. That their intersection is quite often non-existent. And, worse, it’s not possible for someone to have something original after the first few articulations.[1] Extended to its logical conclusion, nothing should have ever been written if [...]


I don’t get this. Why does this idiot want to be an onlooker? For future attacks, dear terrorist person, let us strike a deal. Stage a small but spectacular strike. Barkha Dutt will fly in to cover. Kill her in your next bigger strike. Stay out of Madras.

This Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War

Actors often repeat the cliche that comedy is a difficult art. The little I have read, I am now convinced, the cliche — which is probably not true — works in reverse for writers. Evoking a genuine sense of tragedy and yet not make the reader tire or second guess appears an almost impossible task. [...]

Character flaw

Even in a world which has moved far beyond, sometimes, reactionary nonsense has a place. Such as expressing profound wonderment at some sentences. Like this, In India, where everyone from teenage boys to septuagenarian aunts dance at weddings, a reticence to join the dance floor is seen as a troubling sign of a possible character flaw [...]


I am sure there is some social research published somewhere on the point of optimality for democratic values and knowledge driven social order. I am also reasonably sure no one reading this post would have come across such publication; even if they did, I am sure it does not apply to present day Tamil Nadu. [...]