Declaration of Independence


Hayden Lake, Idaho.

With a nigger getting ready to occupy the whitest of houses, there is no choice for the Anglo Saxon but to bear arms to protect his own life and liberty. Satan, we have been warned repeatedly, will come in the disguise of a prophet and the modern American political theater is the clearest evidence that we have seen. At this time of Islamic threat, while the duty of a good American is to stand up for the crusade against the mongrels of medievalism that fight the devil’s jihad, the even greater duty is to retain one’s own values and clean up the house before one goes to clean the Earth.

As the scriptures had predicted, the greatest threats do not come in the form of an external aggression but from within. The threat of an immoral African in the seat of Aryan power is a fundamental threat that demands we declare our Anglo Saxon Earth the last of god’s country. Consequently, the Aryan Nation declares itself independent from the United States of America. The geographical extent of this nation may now be limited to the Pacific Northwest, but with God’s will and the greatest Aryan procreating abilities, the world will soon be our playground again.

In these difficult times, what is required is not dogma but pragmatism. Keeping the greater goals in mind, the Aryan Nation has agreed to a natural alliance that was inevitable. The LTTE, which represents no threat to our race and forms the opposite end of our species, will be our partners to form the racially bipolar world society. Those doubting their racial credentials need to look only at the traffic chaos of the several demonstrations for LTTE in Madras. While they maybe of a different species whose looks and methods we may not agree with, there is one obvious conclusion: their cause is racial. And blatantly so.

May God keep our hillbillies from them thunder thighs.

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